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TuffRock Gastro Intestinal Liquid

TuffRock Gastro Intestinal Liquid

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IMPROVED FORMULA of our already incredibly successful TuffRock GI. 
TuffRock GI is a patented gastro-intestinal liquid made from 100% Australian ancient volcanic tuff with 10 Essential Minerals colloidal chelated for gut health. 

It binds and reduces the effects of harmful mycotoxins in the diet, and assists to maintain normal gastro-intestinal function, pH levels and gut flora when used regularly.

GI is also suitable for use during:
- gastro-intestinal upset

- times of stress
- travel
- change of feed
50ml per 500kg horse. Use pre-feed morning and evening for 10 days. Repeat for a further 10 days if necessary.
Maintenance - 20ml once daily in feed. 
Shake well before use. Store out of direct sunlight and do not freeze. 
If formula becomes too thick, add one tablespoon of warm water and shake. Continue to add one tablespoon at a time if necessary to restore to original consistency. 

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