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Kohnke's Own Tox Target

Kohnke's Own Tox Target

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Features and Benefits

  • Mycotoxin binder for horses ingesting mycotoxins in grass, feeds, grain and hays
  • For all horses requiring a specific mycotoxin binder with a broad-spectrum action
  • Recommended for horses with visible symptoms of mycotoxin-related problems
  • Particularly suited for horses grazing in pastures with mycotoxin-affected grasses

Unique Design

  • Includes 5 different types of mycotoxin binders for a comprehensive binding effect
  • ‘Ultra-high level’ binding capacity, extensively tested for optimum activity in horses
  • Liver detoxifying formula: includes amino acids, choline and other helpful nutrients
  • Pelleted and highly palatable for easy feeding, compatible with other supplements
66 days supply
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