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PROVEX Hemp Seed Oil

PROVEX Hemp Seed Oil

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Premium Horse Hemp Seed Oil is a cool energy source used as part of normal feed for horses of all ages and sizes.

100% Natural - Chemical Free
Sustainability sourced
100% Australian grown, made and owned
Oils ain't oils - 100% premium oil with no sediment or sludge

Contains cold-pressed, chemical free and non-GMO hemp seed oil. 

100% premium hemp seed oil which has been expertly refined for optimum results

One full pump = approx 8ml

Add 20ml to 30ml added to your horses daily feed.

Pony 20ml

Large horse 30ml.  

Do not exceed 100ml per day.  

The optimal feeding requirements depends on many factors such as the size and breed of horse, environment, feed, ailments and activity level. 

Adjust feeding rate higher or lower depending on your horse’s requirements. 

Introduce gradually over 2 weeks. 

It may take 2-3 weeks of consistent daily feedingfgrv c

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