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MultiCube Pasture Hay Cubes (Clover, Rye & Oaten) 20kg

MultiCube Pasture Hay Cubes (Clover, Rye & Oaten) 20kg

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Made from premium tested clover, rye and oaten hay, our Pasture Hay Cubes offer the ideal alternative to hay or chaff.

Our Clover, Rye and Oaten Pasture Hay Cubes are made from 100% pure premium Clover, Rye and Oaten hay free from unwanted additives in a highly palatable 32mm high fibre cube form.

Pasture Hay Cubes are perfect for feeding horses that are upset by Lucerne in their diet or who become “heated”. They are also great for the kids ponies and an all-round maintenance feed ensuring your horse gets adequate quality roughage for cool performance.

Hay Cubes are the ideal base for any feed ration.

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