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KA Cleans & Flushes 500gr

KA Cleans & Flushes 500gr

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Introducing the IAH KA Cleans and Flushes. This product is a reliable diuretic that removes toxins from the body by stimulating thirst and increasing the volume of urine passed. The gentle antiseptic action helps clean and protect the kidneys and urinary tract from infection.

Key Features and Benefits-


  • Diuretic and kidney antiseptic for horses and hounds
  • Flushes out harmful toxins from the kidneys
  • Reduces the risk of low grade bladder infection cystitis
  • Helps to increase urinary flow to eliminate problems such as oedema of the lower limbs
  • Palatable mixture suitable for addition to the feeds

    Dosage and Administration-

    Horse 15 g one scoop in the feed night and morning when required or after hard work or racing a single dose of 30 g.
    Greyhounds 5 grams mixed in the feed night and morning when required.
    After hard work or racing A single dose of 10 grams in the first meal.

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