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Gutzbusta Deluxe Knotless SMALL 40mm Haynet

Gutzbusta Deluxe Knotless SMALL 40mm Haynet

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Our Small GutzBusta® Knotless Hay Nets are fantastic for stables, yards, horse floats, and paddocks. They are strong and capable of taking up to 2- 3 biscuits of hay.

  • Dimensions: 0.7Knotless Hay Nets - Small0m Wide x 0.80m High
  • Colour: Black in 2cm, 3cm, 4cm and 6cm hole sizes
  • Drawstring Colour: Red

New 2cm Sizing:

2cm is a very small size and therefore only recommend for horses or ponies that have medical conditions such as ulcers or are prone to choke.

Management weight in extreme circumstances may also warrant a 2 cm-sized hole. Not recommended for any horse or pony that has not eaten successfully and proficiently from 3cm hay nets. This size would be frustrating to many horses and ponies, so please monitor your horse or pony to make sure they are capable of eating from this size. Palatable hay will need to be used.

I have personally 'tested' my own horses to 1cm and so I know it is possible for them to eat from smaller holed nets, but this was with lucerne hay that drove a desire to do so. If you do not have palatable hay, then it is likely 2cm will be too small.

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