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4cyte 250ml

4cyte 250ml

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4cyte provides the ultimate joint protection for your horse! This product has revolutionised joint care products by including the ingridient - Epiitalis, which is a plant oil extract known for its joint and cartilage regenerative properties. 4CYTE™ Liquid for Horses is a premium daily joint supplement used to protect and repair damaged joints and actively maintain joint health. It safely and effectively prevents and treats a range of joint health conditions whilst maintaining and supporting overall joint health to keep your horse sound.

Key Benefits: 

 To support the horse with diagnosed, or clinical signs of, osteoarthritis For support in rehabilitation after illness, injury, surgery or non-specific lameness.

  For age related concerns - the older horse slowing down or the younger horse having growth related difficulties (big joints, early lesions etc).

  Acts right at the heart of the joint to reduce inflammation

  Backed by vets around Australia

How to use:

  • Add it to your horses feed or syringe directly into the mouth once a day. 

  • Can be taken with other supplements or medication 

  • No prohibited ingredients - so can be taken prior and during competitions

  • Not recommended during pregnancy

Daily Dosage 

  • Loading: start on 8g per day for 14 days

  • Maintenance: After 14 days reduce to 4g per day

  • Dosage can be varied on weight of animal and state of joint function 

  • A 250mL tube will last 59 days on maintenance dose.
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