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Gutzbusta Deluxe Knotless Medium 40mm Haynet

Gutzbusta Deluxe Knotless Medium 40mm Haynet

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The Medium GutzBusta® Knotless Hay Nets are fantastic for stables, yards, horse floats, and paddocks. A great overnight net. They are durable and capable of taking up to half a bale of hay or 4 -6 biscuits.

Opening on the long side they are very easy to throw biscuits of hay into. If you have 2, then you can put one medium on one end of a small bale, the other medium on the other end, and then cut the strings in the middle, and "Voilà" your hay net is filled…. simple and easy!

The knotted are just over 1 meter wide x 85cm high however they are slightly smaller in the knotless which are 80cm x 90cm.

Knotless Hay Nets - Medium
  • Dimensions: 90cm Wide x 80cm High
  • Colour: Black 2cm, 3cm, 4cm and 6cm hole sizes
  • Drawstring Colour:Blue

This new super soft netting is made from 5mm thick and high strength PP (polypropylene) with a super-strong 240ply, the strongest on the Australian market.

Like our regular knotted nets, the knotless hay nets are available in small, medium, large as well as round bales and export bales. This means the new nets are still super easy to fill due to nice wide-open mouths.

This product can be thrown on the ground if your horse isn’t shod. It doesn’t have metal joints, too, so you don’t have to worry about your horses’ teeth or mouths getting injured.

Both the knotless and knotted hay nets are made from our very own GutzBusta® sizes that we have developed over the years with feedback from our customers. They are superior in size, strength, and usability. Having a super wide mouth that makes them easy to fill is one of the greatest attributes of our nets.

It’s also important to note that you cannot compare the knotted nets to the knotless ones in terms of ply as they are made of entirely different materials. Ply refers to how many individual strands are in each section of the netting. The strength is in how strong those individual strands are, how tight they are, and what material they are made from. So you are comparing apples to oranges if you are comparing knotless to knotted in terms of ply.

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