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Gutzbusta Deluxe Knotless Large 40mm Haynet

Gutzbusta Deluxe Knotless Large 40mm Haynet

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These wonderful nets reduce feed time by allowing you to put larger quantities of hay out at a time. The Large GutzBusta® Slow Feed Hay Nets will take an entire small square bale of hay. Their wide mouth makes them super easy to fill from the long side of the bale. It also makes them ideal for filling if you have no choice but to use and break up a round bale or large square export bale and want to feed out sections at a time.

Knotted Hay Nets - Large
  • Dimensions: approximately 1.5m Wide x 1.1m High
  • Hole size: 3cm, 4cm and 6cm in 60ply
  • Colour: Black
  • Take an entire small square bale of hay.
  • Drawstring Colour: Orange

They are fantastic to use if going away for a few nights, knowing that your horse or pony will have something to nibble on the entire time. A great choice if you are having someone else look after your horses to make it less time-consuming to feed.

What material are the Gutzbusta® Hay Nets made from?

Our entire range of knotted GutzBusta® Slow Feed Hay Nets are made from tough and durable, UV Stabilized, and heat-treated netting in 60ply polyethylene netting. This netting will not absorb water, therefore there is no change to the properties of the netting during inclement weather or if used to soak hay and the net itself does not take on the weight of the water.

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