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CEN Lupin Pellet

CEN Lupin Pellet

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CEN Lupin Pellet provides your horse with an additional calorie source to help maintain condition and provide a cool source of energy.

Developed for all horses of all disciplines from pleasure to elite equine athletes. Made from 100% RAW Australian ingredients provide a superior nutrient profile, offering the very best in digestive and overall health.

Lupins are considered a “super fibre” as it is low sugar, low starch with high fermentable fibre and natural Vitamin B synthesis.

Key Features

  • High Fibre Lupin Pellet
  • Helps Digestion with 90% Hindgut Fermentation
  • Great Alternative to Beet Pulp, Copra, Rice Bran or Soy Hulls
  • Supports the Immune System
  • Maintains Healthy Hoof, Skin and Coat Conditions
  • Added Lysine for Muscle Health
  • Non-heating Source of Energy
  • Use to Provide Additional Calories to Meet Your Horse’s Needs
  • Safe to Give to Horses with or that are Prone to Laminitis, EMS or Ulcers
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